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CX5 & CX6 – TIER 4B

Models: CX5.80, CX5.90, CX6.80, CX6.90


The New Holland CX5 & CX6 range of walk-behind combine harvesters includes four models and always offers a machine tailored to the specific needs of the end user. These combine harvesters with five and six straw walkers, available with a threshing system equipped with 610 mm diameter beaters, benefit from a series of improvements that enhance productivity on the most difficult terrains.

The tried and tested Triple-Clean™ cleaning system with a Smart Sieve™ self-levelling sieve system, capable of operating on side slopes of up to 25%, is now combined with the Opti-Speed™ system to automatically adjust the speed. The Opti-Speed system, already tested on the high capacity CX7 & CX8 combine harvester models, automatically adjusts the speed of the straw walkers both up and down, allowing an increase in productivity by up to 10% in hilly areas. Other new features include the standard hydraulic inversion of the harvesting head auger, an automatic cleaning system to speed up the preparation of the combine harvester in the transition between one product and another, and a new, even more spacious cab, with greater visibility and greater comfort.

The propulsion systems are the proven Tier 4B Nef or Cursor motors. Highly efficient and clean, they deliver a maximum output of 258 HP – 340 HP at 2,000 rpm. On rolling terrains, these versatile combine harvesters have the power and specifications to offer the same performance and the same level of cleanliness achievable on flat terrain. For operators working on the most difficult terrains, the CX5 Lateral and CX6 Lateral versions can compensate transversal slopes of up to 18% on both sides. The Hillside CX5.90 model can compensate for transverse slopes up to 38%.

All models are available with a wide variety of heads, including the High Capacity and Varifeed™ grain heads up to 9.15m, and the corn heads with six and eight rows.